With Bunk Beds, necessity proves to be the mother of creativity

Being an elder brother to four siblings, a close friend of mine recently desperately complained on how the kids take much of the space in the already small room in which they sleep together. Along the long conversation we had about convenience and comfort, an idea struck through my head – why not Bunk Beds for the kids? Oh yes, why not. True, sometimes, necessity is the mother of creativity as well.

Bunk beds can be an ideal choice to make many situations lighter and more comfortable. It’s interesting that although the adults prefer Bunk Beds for the kids to make space available in the rooms, the kids actually like it. Researches show, most of them prefer the bottom bunk. Easily tucked in the cosy blanket and with a little imagination, they create their own safe haven within no time. For the kids, over time, bunk beds will turn out to be more than a place to sleep. Those will be the places where the siblings share their secrets and dreams.

Although the kids might see it all as nothing but fun, there are certain precautions to take before you hand them their bunk beds.

  • Make sure the kid is above 6 years’ old before he or she uses the top bunk. There are too many bunk bed injuries reported every year in various parts of the world.
  • Always instruct them to use the ladder to get on the top and not any other method which they may find amusing.
  • Most of the kids consider the lower area as the play area. This might invite unprecedented injuries and hazards. Prevent such usages before hand so that you don’t regret later.
  • Keep heavy objects and large toys off the top bunk.
  • Make sure the bunk beds come with the instructions to assembly and use. Improper and neglected assembly can invite adverse results.
  • It is mandatory that the bunk beds are situated away from the window blinds or curtains with chords. There is high chance that the kids may get strangled.
  • The mattresses on the beds do matter a lot when it comes to safety and comfort. The correct size and type should be acquired in order to ensure enhanced experience for the kids.

Historical sources reveal that the concept of beds stems back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. But it is still unclear how did the idea of bunk beds first reveal themselves. Nevertheless, the concept must give great benefit and relief not only to the parents of many kids, but to the kids themselves as well. The ‘double decker’ model excites kids of almost all ages. The sheer pleasure of being on the top of it makes them ask their parents to get them one.

Bunk Beds for the kids is today a booming industry. If creativity is injected at its best, there can be a variety of models that should attract the parents and the kids alike. No wonder there are researches that is being carried out at various centres on bunk beds, the appeal that it creates to the kids’ room and much more.

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