What are the Different Types of Smoking Accessories?

The main kinds of smoking supplies include tobacco or other products, plus something to light what it is that you want to smoke. Smoking products such as cigarettes and cigars are sold ready-made, and if not as in the case of loose tobacco, other supplies such as rolling papers are needed. Even though smoking tobacco is legal for people reaching the age of consent in many countries around the world, the dangerous health effects from doing so are considered to be unhealthy.


Marijuana smoking is illegal in most parts of the world as it’s associated with intoxication, but at the very same time it may be legal for medical practice in some countries. A common item in a smoker’s supply of all types of smoking products includes the ashtray. Because of the well-documented harmful effects of second hand smoke on other people from just the smokers, ashtrays have been designed to draw the smoke in and reduce it. These products are commonly known as “smokeless ashtrays.” But even with smokeless ashtrays, there’s always going to be some smoke making its way here and there.


E Cigarettes and Lighters


Electronic cigarettes are the latest smoking accessory and the industry looks set to keep on growing and evolving at a very fast pace. You must have seen them somewhere because of their popularity. Many people have made and are starting to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. If you’re a conventional smoker and have been considering whether to make the change or not, there are a few good reasons for you to switch over.


Lighters are obviously a well-used type of smoking accessory, and as opposed to striking a match, a simple click or flick has created a flame with which to begin your smoke. Lighters have come to us in many different forms down through time and are available in the inexpensive disposable cheap plastic ones as well as the expensive types with engraved initials for gifts.


Pipes and Roll Ups


Pipes are used together with pipe tobacco. Pipes are a handheld item with a stem that ends in a bowl to hold the tobacco. Pipe tobacco can come in different aromas such as cherry, apple, chocolate and a few others and are commonly used by a more elderly type of smoker.


Roll ups are handmade cigarettes made for smoking tobacco, and this loose type of tobacco usually comes in a packet. This kind of tobacco is usually of a higher grade than that in the ready-made cigarettes that you can buy in a box. Rolling papers usually accompany a pack of such tobacco or you can simply purchase them by themselves for a small fee.


Smoking is here to Stay


All forms of tobacco smoking leaves a strong odour in the mouth, on clothing, and if indoors, on the surrounding premises. The e cigarettes are the exception though and leave no odour at all.


Smoking’s been going on for thousands of years in different parts of the world and is definitely here to stay, whether you like it or not!

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