The Reasons For A Popped Out Belly Button

When you become pregnant a lot of changes take place to your body. There are going to be major transformations that are thrilling, but others may not be to your liking. When does your navel pop out during pregnancy would be a question that would at the back of your mind. If you want to know the answer you need to have sufficient information. Yes it will let you be aware that there is a life inside your body, developing and taking up every single space in your body.


Now let us understand why does a popped belly button take place? If you possess a lifelong innie things are bound to change. The uterus happens to be in a growing mode and puts pressure on the abdomen. This in turn would cause your belly button to pop out.  This in fact appears to be one of the quirks of pregnancy. Now the question would when does the change happen to occur. The chances of the popping out of belly button do take place in the second or third trimester of pregnancy. If you want a precise figure it could be around 26 weeks of pregnancy. This is not going to be the case with each and every pregnancy as many women are expected to face a popped out belly button but not in the ones to come. This is an interesting facet of the body.


For some mothers this might sound to be a dramatic change, as you are not likely to face any course of side effects in case of a popped out belly button. As per medical experts some women do feel a sense of discomfort in the navel area but it has been found out that the process of popping out of belly button is not painful and within itself. From the information that is available the popped out of belly button stands out to be a curious case rather than the problem in question. There are chances that the outie could be irritated when it comes in contact with the given set of clothes. This is during the day and you can take a cue if you can put over a band over the navel for the time being. In most cases the simplest solutions work out to be the best.


Now towards the end of the question, will you be left with a permanent outie naval once the baby is delivered? Any change during the course of pregnancy is temporary and once your pregnancy is over it gradually diminishes as well. In most cases women are expected to see their navel return back to normal size once the delivery happens to be over. Till that point enjoy the permanent outie in the best possible way. There is nothing to be ashamed of it as this is a part and parcel of delivery. Even if you do not have a popped out belly button there is no cause of worry. You are going to have a normal delivery.

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