Majorda Beach, A Paradise For The Beach Lovers

If you are searching for a place where you can spend a day or two surrounded by nothing but just tranquility, Majorda Beach, which is in Goa is the ideal place for you. A quaint and beautiful beach, Majorda is home to some of the top rated resorts and eateries,promising of relaxed and laid-back vacation. Search and find out the Mumbai to Goa flights rates online and get going for a leisure sojourn.


Majorda is a great destination in the event that you are in search of an ideal and quiet getaway, where it’s possible to sit engrossed in a novel or listen to favourite songs. A quaint beach in Goa, Majorda is simply one of the most relaxing beaches in the world. Start the journey today to this beautiful and exotic beach, and rejuvenate in the midst of the scenic scene of surrounding locales. As the sun sets in the west, it adorns the sea with gold, orange frills, an actual refuge for the sore eyes.


Majorda is an internationally known beach because of its white, virgin shore. It is effortlessly a paradise for the beach lovers. Use the internet to find out the latest Mumbai to Goa flights rates and make reservations in advance. Majorda gives the visitors a feeling of complete satisfaction in its joyful as well as blissful surroundings. Additionally, the beach is not any significantly less when compared to a pilgrimage destination in periods as it provides ultimate peace to mind as well as soul. Every voyager is mesmerized by the picturesque attraction of golden sands and azure water.


The beach is popular because of its delectable breads. In fact the association of bread with the beach goes way back in time. There’s a fascinating story behind it. Majorda is a hamlet where one can find the greatest Goan toddy, which can be used to leaven the bread. It is for this fact that, Majorda became a location where the Goans were trained in the fine craft of baking breads.


Laze on the sands and relax the body. Individuals can indulge in a few exciting activities like surfing and swimming. Apart from enjoying the sandy joy, globetrotters can additionally try to find local handicrafts sold in the stores lined on the beach side. The exquisite memorabilia are excellent presents to be taken along for the family as well as your buddies.


For the foodies the beach is lined with multiple excellent eateries. The stalls are the ideal place to enjoy the best Goan cuisine. Bakery items and breads sold by the sellers are popular among the tourists as well as the locals because of their unique flavor.


By deciding to spend the vacation in Majorda an advantage that the holiday-goers get is they can choose from multiple modes of lodgings. Majorda boasts a plethora of budget and deluxe hotels providing lodging to the voyagers of all kinds with all sorts of preferences. Majorda Beach Resort, Palm View Inn, and Shangrila Beach Resort are to name some of the most popular hotels and resorts.


It is needless to say that the beauty of Majorda beach is unmatched and it is perfect for spending a wonderful vacation. However, it is not the only beach that is interesting and fun and in fact each Goa beach is astonishing. For example, Anjuna never ceases to delight the individuals. A 30-kilometer stretch, upmarket neighbours, and bright sand, this shore leaves a long lasting impression on your internal soul. On the full moon night you can take part in the happening parties that are organized here. Plus, you can also visit the flea market where you will find some interesting and unique items on sale.

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