Know the power of bulk virtual SMS

With people having easy access to smartphones, tablets and other types of similar type of devices, organizations are trying to find out ways and means to use this latest technology to promote their business.

Using virtual number sms

According to the industry experts, SMS is among the fast growing as well as the innovative way towards reaching targeted audiences in huge numbers. The reason is because, it offers the entrepreneur with the opportunity to have secure and targeted means to deliver crucial information pertaining to his business. Moreover, he can send this message to both existing and potential customers, making aware of the recent steps taken by the business for their benefit. The truth is sending simple sms will have the power to initiate conversation. It also encourages the recipients to take proper action, thus leading to enhanced transactions.

New opportunities

With virtual phone number sms, the entrepreneur is able to enjoy availing more powerful opportunities to reach global clients at fraction of the cost of conventional advertisement means. Studies conducted have revealed that over 5 billion mobile subscribers are using actively their phones and this number is only increasing at a fast rate. The studies have also stated that SMS messages enjoy 90% read rate in 25 minutes. Although this tremendous potentiality is offered by bulk SMS, it still is said to make up lesser than 5 percent of the total marketing budget set by organizations. The response rate derived through leads generated via sms marketing has exceeded 35%.

5 convincing reasons to use sms for business promotion

  • Greater reach: This is an aspect that simply cannot be ignored. With bulk sms, it is possible to reach virtually anyone. Since mobile phones have become the major communication source globally, customers can be easily reached just about anywhere, provided the service coverage permits. The end user is able to get the message directly and instantly. This way, the message does not get lost in the cluster or get into the spam box of the recipient’s mobile phone.
  • Affordable: SMS messaging is very much affordable than other alternatives present. Moreover, the campaigns can be customized to any budget and enjoy assured success rate.
  • Client engagement: Effective one-on-one communication becomes possible with the customer with two-way SMS. It drives further engagement, by permitting the end user to initiate dialogue with the brand. It can distance campaigns from static ads and thereby add an element of connectivity and interaction between the customer and the brand. Moreover, active and loyal customers can be created with clear, simple and efficient communication. Also new potential leads can be generated.
  • Targeting: Customers can be targeted using the existing customer databases, based upon specific demographics or other types of relevant customer information. Using relevant and customized information, customers belonging to specific demographics can be targeted effortlessly.
  • Versatility: Several value added applications do exist to use mobile messaging, for instance, strengthening loyal program, communicating current promotions and marketing offers and reinitiating relationship with the past customers.

There are numerous portals, both free and paid that can help to go ahead with the bulk sms marketing effort and to derive the desired results.

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