EHIC Is Your Healthcare Solution For Travelling In Europe

How many times have you paid attention to ensure yourself with a travel medical claim before you went out for your much deserved holiday outings?  We never foresee a disaster or mishaps that can wait right next to us when we are enroute, in fact, nobody does. But accident just happens and, in most cases, it’s on the trips only that we happen to fall sick or injured for reasons known or unknown. While for the young it can be quite easy to deal with the petty health cases and be back to the game soon, for senior citizens, it can be just the other way, especially when the monetary issues can become a serious concern on the trips.


Did you know that ensuring yourself on the trips can give you just the right claims on all your medical expenses on the trip? And what if doing that insurance does not charge you a penny? It’s just with the same kind of promises that the European countries are now offering EHIC insurance. Want to know more. Read this article in one breath.


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What Is EHIC

The EHIC is a European Health Insurance Card that comes for absolutely “free” of cost. It keeps you covered by a statutory social security scheme where the EEA (European Economic Area) countries will offer you a medical treatment either for free or at substantially reduced rates during your medical emergencies. It’s some of the stalwart European countries, in your bucket list, including France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and more, which offer this smart insurance cover for their travellers of the member states.  But you must have a valid card, at all times, to claim this cover and check their individual websites as each EEA country offers their own unique policies concerning health insurance.



Just think of a situation when you are on your holiday trip, but suddenly need a medical attention somehow. Yes, this is exactly when your EHIC card will prove its best use. You will not only be able to get an access in abounds in the local hospitals but also your card will help you receive a hassle-free medical attention. But remember, your card should be valid for a claim or else you need to plan for your EHIC renewal on time. This card will be applied against all our co-payments, small or large medical bills.

Following are some advantages…


  • European Health Insurance Card acceptance
  • Pre existing conditions
  • Emergency treatment
  • Dialysis treatment
  • Oxygen
  • Maternity care
  • Other chronic illnesses


How To Renew Your Card


When it comes to the fresh application or the EHIC renewal, the smartest way is to switch online and visit a trusted website to apply using the official EHIC online application form, absolutely at no cost. Once you are through with the process, you can wait for a maximum of 7 days for the card to arrive. Guess what? Now, your card is a one leverage platform that will not only cover your claim but that of your partner and dependent children too.


Finally, make sure you provide all the details for each person very carefully. Remember, your valid EHIC card is extremely important to grant you a smooth access to the state provided health care of the EEA country where your medical emergencies can, at times, be critical to handling otherwise.

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