Don’t fall for this – WhatsApp new feature

When it comes to apps, it is a norm to have new updates and feature being added to the apps. It is a common factor in each and every application that a new feature is added or update is made. In the recent past, we can see that a popular app has been releasing updates and feature on its platform. It is not just launching the features; it is testing them on the beta version of the app as well.


WhatsApp messaging has become quite popular over the years and we can see that the company is trying its level best in creating the best platform for its users. There were many new updates which were available in the app and the users are glad about the new set of features. There was a particular feature which actually had users in bits, as they were not happy with that update of the feature.


It is status update as in tab, where users can update it with multimedia and get to know who has viewed the status. People said that they liked the old style of the status where text acknowledgment. WhatsApp did bring back that particular feature back on demand from the users. The firm has been trying to create new features for the users to benefit from it.



Unfortunately, at present, there is new update made available and it is said that the source of it is not from WhatsApp. The update says that the users will be able to use the app in a different color background. It is said that the source of this particular feature of this update is not authentic and the company is requesting all the users to refrain from clicking on any of the links which ask them to enter into to be able to get a different color background for their WhatsApp.


The users received a spam message which had an option for the users to opt for changing the background color of the app. Once the users receive the messages, the users are requested to forward that message to their 12 different friends from their contact list. Only if the user shares it with 12 others will they be able to activate the background color change for the app.


After the entire hullabaloo with sending it to 12 friends and the user is verified with their app. They have said that the color change of the background of the app is installing available only for the users who use the app on the desktop. Unfortunately, after this, it doesn’t stop there and we see that the users are requested to install an extension to get to work in the first place. The extension the user is supposed to be installed in their systems would be BlackWhats from the Chrome Web Store.


When we look into this, we found out that the complete source of changing the background is not from an authentic source and in fact it is fake software. It is clear that the users might end up installing a software which might damage their system along with their 12 other friends as well. It is not for the first time, users have been allured with this kind of extrinsic scam messages, it has happened in the past as well.


There was a particular message which was spread like a wildfire and it was sent to almost millions and millions of people. The message said that the all time famous messaging platform will become chargeable. It asked the user to forward it to all their WhatsApp contacts and the user must have a conversation with at least 50 contacts from their contact list.


If the user does not do so, then the user will be charged for the messages which they are sending through the app. It was also said that once the user has completed the task, the icon of the app would change into blue. If the icon changes into blue, then the app is considered to be free for lifetime. This was the message which was spread throughout the world and the irony is that it is still doing the rounds even after a year since it was circulated amongst the people.


When WhatsApp realized that, a message of this kind was being spread with its users. It made it clear that it is not authentic and the app will be available for free as always. The officials requested the users not to give in with the information or a message which asks them to forward it to their other contacts. All those kind of messages tend to be from an unauthentic source to lure away the users with these kinds of updates.


A message to forward with an update for WhatsApp and claim perks for sharing the messages are actually to get the users attention. It would be better if the user disregards the particular message which the received and if possible block the user who has sent the message in the first place.


Though the color update for the app is a hoax, there is another option and it is 100 percent fool proof. The Opera application has released a new update to its app, where the users will be able to get to access Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram all within the same app. There will be no need for the user to be leaving the app to get to the other app, as they will be able to access it from Opera itself.


The users will be able to use in 2 different ways, where they can overlay it or pin it on the window side by side with the tab which the user is using. Once the user pins the chat to the window, they will be able to browse through the app and use the apps in the same window seamlessly. The users have option to customize with the apps which they want to be pinned on their browser window.


An easy way to figure out the source to be a fake one is the font which the particular site or link has been used in and the link in which the color change option was available it had a completely different font compared to the one which the firm actually uses with its updates and on its site. If in case the user happens to get into the link, try to get out of it and do not give any kind of acknowledgement to the pop windows which might flash for the user to approve.


The messaging platform has always had a shade of “Neon Green”, in the recent times the app had many different updates. There was no side feature update of the color for the app and if it was so, then the company will get it tested in the beta version of WhatsApp. It has always tested it features with the beta version, only when is sure that it is a success, it releases it for the public usage. We can expect many more updates and feature additions from WhatsApp and by the end of 2017; users will be seeing a WhatsApp which is completely different from the initial version of the app. Get an access to most interesting clone scripts through Zoplay and we also have the best WhatsApp clone script like SCIMBO for you to try as well.

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