Crucial Steps Involved in Domain Name Booking

Domain names are a must for every organization before they launch their business online. It identifies the nature of business and it is one of the first things that a visitor looks for while browsing for some service. It is important for every entity to consider a few factors before going ahead with domain name booking. It is a crucial requirement to have an effective online presence. Many tend to ignore the importance of an appropriate name as they are more focused on the website design and type of hosting platform to choose. A proper domain name defines the purpose of the website.



Selection of domain name:

  • Select a few names that connect to the nature of business
  • The name should be unique but still easy to remember and to spell
  • The name should be keyword rich
  • Try to avoid numbers and special characters as it could cause confusion.


Chose an extension


Once the selection of name is done the customer should go to a licensed ICANN accredited domain registrar to complete the formalities of domain name booking. Once the name is selected choose an extension. The popular extensions include .com, .org .net, and there are many that are location specific. It again could help if the business is limited to a particular location. Give complete information about the business, address, phone number, email id and any other details required. There are many web hosting providers that offer domain name booking services. Some even offer free domain names if the client buys the hosting plans from them. They also extend complete customer support round the clock.


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