All You Need To Know About Morgellons Syndrome

Morgellons syndrome is one of the poorly understood medical conditions that has been reported in all the US states and in Europe as well. Other countries have reported the incidences of patients with the disease too.


Morgellons is characterized by rather unusual thread-like fibers that often appear under the skin. Patients note that they feel like there are bugs crawling beneath their skin. They also report stinging and biting all over the body.


As a result of the characteristics, the condition has been characterized by some doctors and scientists as a psychosomatic disorder. This disorder is therefore considered a combination of obsessive picking of the skin and delusional parasitosis.


Other doctors consider Morgellons an unexplained dermopathy, thus a disease with no reason or a causative agent.


Symptoms of Morgellons syndrome


Though some of the symptoms have been mentioned in the definition, the other symptoms of the disease include:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Tooth loss
  • Sleeping problems
  • Problems with the nervous system
  • Attention deficits
  • Short term memory loss
  • Burning sensation under the skin
  • Intense itching
  • Sores causing hyperpigmentation
  • Changes in mood



With the different line of thoughts in the definition of Morgellons 2016, different reasons have been considered the cause of the syndrome. None of these causes has been certified. Regardless, they include:



  1. Bacteria – Morgellons is believed to be caused by Borrelia spirochetes, a bacterium that is known to be responsible for Lyme disease.
  2. Parasitic fungus – Some doctors believe that this medical and psychological condition is caused by a parasitic fungus. This is because the thread-like structures or filaments are considered hyphae and the black and white specs; sporangia.
  3. Another group of doctors perceive that Morgellons is a condition or disease caused by an underlying factor or condition. This underlying cause is regarded to be mental illness.


As a result of these different lines of thought for the cause of the disease, there is no clear line of distinction and further research is being done to determine the most definitive cause of the condition.


Tests for Morgellons


The absence of a definitive cause for the disease means that researchers carry out different tests as they try to understand the disease even more. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) are often run to determine any antibodies raised against the pathogen causing the disease with the aim of determining the cause of the condition.



  1. Given the different lines of thought on the cause of the disease, it is hard to give a specific treatment for the condition. As a result, different doctors give treatments for the disease depending on their thoughts about the disease and what causes it.
  2. Antibiotics have been used where practitioners believe that the disease is caused by bacteria, antifungals where fungus is believed to be the cause, and anti-parasitic pharmaceuticals where practitioners believe that Morgellons is caused by parasites.
  3. Some patients have also been treated by thorough cleaning using borax or dishwashing soap.
  4. Diet has also been shown to be an effective treatment since it is effective in detoxification.


In conclusion, with all the varied lines of thought on the causes of the disease, any oath that leads to recovery is pursued.

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