A Guide to Testosterone in Women

Testosterone deficiency in women can be caused by a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, and loss of function of the ovaries or the adrenal glands and Turner syndrome – or simply aging. Recently, links have been established between low testosterone levels and women approaching menopause who have symptoms such as decreased sex drive, weaker orgasms, and lack of energy, strength, and endurance. These symptoms are more common in women after menopause. Try testosterone gel for menopause. Birth control pills, especially those with high doses of estrogen, can cause measurable levels of testosterone in women, so testosterone deficiency can be a problem for women of all ages.


Testosterone and Women


Desire hormone, a book by Dr. Susan Rako, details the role of testosterone in women and the sexuality of women. She was forced to do her own research and basically treat her own testosterone deficiency because testosterone deficiency was not recognized as a women problem. Since then, researchers around the world have shown that replacement of testosterone in women with disabilities improves mood, sexual pleasure, lean muscle mass and bone density among other things.



If you are a woman and you think you have a testosterone deficiency, it can be difficult to convince your doctor. Some women feel uncomfortable talking about issues like the nipple and the sensitivity of the clitoris and many doctors do not ask about sex, but these are important issues of quality of life. Even if you have a good relationship with your doctor, lab tests for testosterone levels in women may not be helpful and most self-assessment questionnaires are designed for men. Once you have decided that you need more testosterone, whether due to testing or analysis of your laboratory symptoms, you need to experiment with different treatments before you find one that works for you. Get your own testosterone gel for menopause now.


By the time you finish reading this, you will appreciate the role of testosterone in women.


We studied testosterone patches and gels at low doses for women. Injections and pills are generally not effective and can cause more health problems. The pills containing a mixture of estrogen and testosterone in women are implanted in the buttocks to slow release hormone replacement and can treat symptoms up to five months, but all doctors cannot get the granules.


From herbal drinks containing everything from wild yam root to fennel seeds are sold, but very little is known about how they currently perform testosterone production in women. Tribulus terrestris, a popular supplement for athletes, has been reported to help some of the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels. Do a little research on the herbs you choose to use, some can be toxic in certain doses, and some should not be used by some people with certain health problems, but this information is not always indicated on the label.


The role of testosterone in women, in health, fitness, and well-being of a woman, may have been minimized over the years. It is more common for a woman to hear about the importance of estrogen; however, maintaining normal testosterone levels is equally important.

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